Dermaplaning is an amazing physical exfoliant for the skin that works by removing the outermost layer of skin (the dead bits) as well as the vellus hair (peach fuzz), allowing deeper absorption of skincare and creating a flawless base for make up.

Dermaplane + Peel

This treatment includes a gentle mandelic acid peel and LED light therapy to leave your skin smooth, bright and red carpet ready.


40min £65

Express Demaplaning

Cleanse/ dermaplane/ SPF


30min £42

Dermaplaning is not suitable for the following patients:

Clients who are -  on Isotretinoin (Accutane) within 6 months prior to treatment, going through cancer treatment, any active skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema etc, history of keloid scarring or abnormal wound healing. It is not suitable for very fragile skins or if you have very oily skin or acne.

Before and Aftercare Instructions for Dermaplaning


  • Stop Retin-A products for 5 days before your appointment. Avoid laser treatments 4 weeks before treatment.
  • If you are having any sort of chemical peel close to your dermaplaning, can you please advise me of this. There are so many different brands of peels and strengths on the market, I can give you a specific time scale to wait before or after your dermaplaning.
  • No waxing for 7 days prior to treatment
  • Please inform me if you are pregnant or nursing.



  • There is no downtime with dermaplaning so you can continue with your normal activities.
  • You can wear makeup immediately afterwards, but I advise to wait until the next day before applying makup… I recommend with all my facials.
  • Please wear SPF, a treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin will make your skin more sun sensitive. Wearing SPF every day is the best aftercare and skincare advice I can give anyone…..whether you have just had dermaplaning or not!
  • Avoid heat treatments (sauna, steam room etc) for the next 24 hours… your skin may be more prone to irritation directly after dermaplaning than it normally would, so sweating can further increase the irritation.
  • Whilst you will have amazing instant results, following a good skincare routine for your skin type will give better long lasting results as the days follow after your treatment. This is because, by removing that top dead layer of skin and the vellous hair you are allowing your skin to increase the amount that it can absorb from topically applied products afterwards…..making them much more effective.
  • You can have another dermaplaning treatment no sooner than 3 weeks.
  • If you are following a good skincare programme then a course of 4 to 6 treatments is recommended or regular monthly treatments would be great for your skin.